METOXIA's PhD course in Hypoxic Tumour Micro-Environment

MAASTRO have prepared the e-learning course from our Maastricht PhD course on their web-site

You can follow the METOXIA eCOURSE via this link. Enjoy. The eCOURSE comprises a set of lectures related to Hypoxia, particularly in these topics:

  • Clinical relevance of tumour Hypoxia
  • Molecular and cellular responses to Hypoxia
  • Therapeutic approaches to targeting Hypoxia
  • Oxygen control
  • Oxygen measurement
  • Hypoxic drug development

Each lecture contains a presentation, video, related information and a self-assessment. There is also a final exam.

The target audience of this course is researchers actively engaged in Hypoxia or a closely related field.


Tumour Hypoxia: From Biology to Therapy III

10-13 October 2012, Maastricht, The Netherlands, Registration: CLOSED

The clinical relevance of tumour hypoxia, molecular and cellular responses to hypoxia, therapeutic approaches to targeting hypoxia, oxygen control, oxygen measurement and hypoxic drug development  

  • Problem based workshops, including a workshop on creative thinking led by a professional
  • Interactive lectures
  • Time reserved for interaction with experts
  • Literature of reference will be provided
  • Certificate at the end of the course

For whom

PhD students or post-doctoral fellows of METOXIA partner groups who are actively engaged in hypoxia research or a closely related field.


Here you can find an outline of the course program.

Confirmed speakers

Philippe Lambin, Erik Pettersen, Peter Ebbesen, Patrick Maxwell, Lorenz Poellinger, Silvia Pastorekova, Brad Wouters, Heidi Lyng, Kaye Williams, Hans Kaanders, Gerald Urban, Agnes Görlach, Jochen Kieninger, Hubert Flamm, Claudiu Supuran, Adrian Harris, Ian Kunkler, Tereza Goliasova, Jacques Pouyssegur, Linda Bergersen

Course organizers

Philippe Lambin, Erik Pettersen, Floor Franssen 

MAASTRO – Maastricht Radiation Oncology
GROW - School for Oncology and Developmental Biology
Maastricht University  

In the frame of the METOXIA Collaborative Project within the Seventh Framework Programme of the EC ”Translating the hypoxic tumour microenvironment”.

Copyright Notice

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It is understood that these materials are free for distribution only for non-commercial aims and only if authorship is attributed to the authors. These materials may not be altered or transformed.